About Us

Who we are:

You are probably wondering this is a great website with a lot of great information but who’s behind this company?  Well let us explain……Once Upon A Time (LOL Just Kidding)!

We started out in 2005 as a one man team.  Actually it was then in 2005, our founder first got into the business of ERP consulting/implementation.  Since then he has implemented in over 100 different industries and has learned along with taught best industry practices through his experiences of implementing ERP systems.  With all this knowledge and information gained through various implementation experiences he thought it’s time to now begin the journey of helping other businesses benefit from all the experiences of successes and failures that he has accumulated over the years.  

At our core we absolutely love Dynamics NAV and the new Business Central.  Our whole business is to help you make the most out of your dynamics NAV and business central investment in your company.  We will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with the solution for your business.  Rest assured when you hire our team you are hiring an extension of your own company to ensure the system is working as per your expectations.  We do not hold any hard feelings when clients tell us, we need to do better or us telling our clients that they could do better.  After all sometimes those best relationships are the ones where you can be open with each other.

Our team consists of trusted implementation specialists, developers and support staff.  While we all have different roles and responsibilities within the organization but we all have a common goal and purpose which is to continue driving value to your Dynamics NAV or Business Central investment.  We can work with any budget along with any size of company.  You can be a start up or run a multi-national company, we can work with you!  Especially in the current times, remote working is the norm and while it can make life a little difficult in some respects but also allows bus to reach are customers anywhere in the world to help solve their business challenges.  

Our services include but are not limited to new Dynamics NAV/ Business Central Implementations:

1. Pick up failing implementations

2. Modifications support

3. Process second opinion

4. Upgrading to the latest versions. (NAV On-Prem to BC Cloud, BC On-Prem to BC Cloud)

5. Extension and App Consultations 

6. System Support Packages

Simply put if your question or concern revolves around Dynamics NAV or business central, we can help you or guide you a your resolution.  

We will do our best to update our blog with the latest functionality released by Microsoft and also to use the platform to discuss current trends or unique processes but if you do not find what you’re looking for there, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the following email address –