Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is by far one of the most important industries that touch our lives in every way possible.  This industry is changing rapidly and the need to control inventory delivery dates is as critical as ever for OEM manufacturers.  Business Central can help solve complex changing of customer demand to help prevent unnecessary fines and penalties due to missed delivery dates.  Just in time inventory control whereby forecasting production and planning for cyclical demand due dates is just one of many critical factors for success to automotive manufacturers.  Our team of consultants have over 10 years of experience in implementing best industry practices in this industry.

Business Central enables its users to manage financials, automate and secure supply chain operation, monitor budgets and streamline manufacturing processes.  Production cycle times are getting shorter and constant changing regulations require a flexible and robust ERP solution.  Business Central provides the best integrated business software for the automotive industry.  Let us help you with your digital transformation to Business Central.        

A few key benefits:

  • Full Lot and Serial Control Capabilities
  • Full EDI capabilities 
  • Get Real Time Data and Analytics to Review Profitability and Other Metrics
  • Just in Time Inventory Control
  • Create Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Control Outsource and External Production