Distribution Industry


Top wholesales distributors are looking at the best ERP systems in the market to get a competitive advantage over their competitors.  As a distributor there are many advantages of choosing Business Central over other ERP systems.  The choice is clear, gain optimization, cost controls and increase gross margins!  There are a lot of factors that can inhibit it distributors ability to fully see success.  one of those factors can be the successful implementation of an ERP system that is exactly tailored and designed to help distributors become successful.  this is where a business central fits in as it has many of the best practices that are designed specifically for distributors to run their operations successfully and efficiently for the long term.  

Distributors can benefit great leap with streamline processes such as easy sales order entry with clear and direct due dates they can be released via planning within a few clicks done the supply of inventory is available and can be shipped to the customer on time.  Let our team of experts help you implement best industry practice and take the worrying out of your ERP system with business central.  


A few key benefits:

  • Easily manage blanket sales orders
  • Easily manage blanket purchase orders
  • Stress free inventory control
  • Analytics and Business intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management tools