Electrical Utility Industry


We don’t realize it but manufacturers in the electrical utility industry play a very integral role in our everyday lives. This is the very reason why these manufacturers need a strong, reliable ERP system with proved processes that creates a competitive advantage by being able to be very flexible to customer demands and sophisticated enough to handle complex manufacturing processes.  

How Business Central can help in this industry:

  1. Increase efficiency by tracking work in process real time.

Within business central this is easily achieved by allowing production workers too quickly record material and labor against production orders so real-time working process can be evaluated and reacted to.

  1. Full serial control and lot control capabilities.

The powerful features super control lock control allow companies to auto select or manual select cereal and or lot controlled items directly to production orders and or shipments to customers that makes tracking fully visible throughout the system.  

  1. Quickly react to changing demand and supply dates using a true MRP/MPS planning engine.

Customer demand dates can change on a very frequent basis business central allows the user to adjust demand due dates directly on the demand lines which will then automatically update the required supply lines when the planning engine is run on the desired dates.  

  1. Enhance user adoption by seamlessly exporting data to excel directly from Business Central.