Electronics Industry


In the modern era, more and more customers are demanding custom make to order, engineer to order and engineer to order products.  As a result of this, manufacturers need to be more response and have flexible systems that will delivery the highest quality products at the required due dates.  Many of these companies are high tech and require systems that will solves their most complex issues, which can be in the areas of sales entry, purchasing, manufacturing or finance.  

Manufacturers in the electronics industry are trending to become more state of the art in all area’s of business.  Why not also have a state of the art ERP system in Business Central.  Business Central has the ability to transform disparate data points into a single “big picture” view.  Whether the requirements is to have a solution that is on-premise or cloud, Business Central has a deployment model that will work for any company in the Electronics and High Tech Industry. 

A few key benefits:

  • Quality Control
  • Full EDI capabilities 
  • Get Real Time Data and Analytics to Review Profitability and Other Metrics
  • Just in Time Inventory Control
  • Track Shipments
  • Material Supply 
  • Shipping Labels