Import and Export Industry


The import and export business is not as easy as most people think it is.  the customer ultimately gets the product as in any other industry but in this particular industry there are a lot more nuances to recognize in order to successfully navigate and run and import/export business.  some of the major issues that this industry faces on a day-to-day basis is international regulations, language barriers, and legal issues.  This is why it is paramount that companies within this industry select the correct ERP system to run their business.  This decision alone can have the most positive affect and companies try to run a successful import and export business.

Business central is uniquely positioned to help manage complex processes such as multi currency transactions, inventory control across multiple countries and logistics in order to provide the customer with the best experience with on time delivery and visibility to the supply chain.  Let us provide you with the demo of the capabilities within business central to show you streamline processes, remove the headache out of compliance issues and have reliable data to run your business effectively.     

A few key benefits:

  • Streamline your accounting
  • Keep close track on your inventory and quantities
  • Reduce redundant data entry
  • Accurately forecast your inventory turns
  • Easily manage multi-currency transactions