Job Shop Industry


As a job shop, data reliability is of the upmost importance so users can react quickly to changing demand quantities, due dates and budget to actual differences.  Managing jobs in business central will allow companies to take back control of their projects so they can easily update any aspect of the job and see the forecasted outcome so that can communicated that to theirs customers in a time efficient manner.  Ultimately, there are many moving parts to any job from engineering change requests, manufacturing shortages, to delays in vendor shipments.  Business Central (also formally known as Dynamics NAV), will allow teams to be proactive and stay ahead of changing business conditions to generate the most profitable jobs.   

Apart from the challenges mentioned above, from our experience we see many job shops find it difficult to accurately manage their make to order jobs through multiple spreadsheets and cannot accurately judge work in process which leads to poor revenue and cost recognition.  Business Central solves all these challenges seamlessly by managing the full lifecycle of the job within a single system.  Our team of experts have successfully implemented Business Central across many job shop manufacturers where by we can provide expertise with best business practices.    

A few key benefits:

  • Control Budget to Actual Job Costs Accurately
  • Ability to create various invoicing schedules
  • Pre-release partially completed bills of materials to take advance of long lead times
  • Isolate Project Inventory
  • Bill of Material Versions
  • Supports Percentage of Completion Accounting Methodology
  • Complete job quote bids